Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly BUY PASS $20.00


Each week I will feature a quick list of items in a fixed price range to buy or pass on. This is strictly a general guide that I use to make a prompt decision while I'm out buying. It's not set in stone... it is something that works for me. Some of you may disagree and buy selected items that I marked as "PASS". If you have a shop to stock and don't mind holding merchandise for a long time, you could buy the "PASS" items to keep shelves full or you may have a client list that is searching for a specific pattern or piece to add to their collection. This list is for a quick turn around. To buy profitable pieces for a short term sales

Buy or Pass price $20.00
Almost any antique cane with a sterling silver handle if original and intact is
worth 20.00. Even if the handle is loose and slightly dinged dented and monogrammed,
there is always a buyer for them. 

Brass and chrome plated imported reproduction canes. One word... YUCK.
Unless you're in a play, it's Halloween, or you just need it for functionality,
these canes may look fancy and expensive but they have little collector value
and are almost impossible to sell over 10 bucks. 

                       Flow Blue plates. They have gone down in value over that last 10 years
                      but they are still very collectible. Even with small chips these plates should
                     an easy double up because of the pattern. Some are much better than others
                                                    always check before you sell them.
Mayer English transfer plates, even older than the Flow Blue, mid 1800s
chipped, stained, and worn. Too far gone for most collectors and color
not as desirable. Pass

Factice perfume display bottles. (Large size 8 or more inches) These
were for department stores used to promote the brand. They are filled with
colored water and usually marked somewhere on the bottom "Factice" or "Dummy"
Very collectible. Even the newer plastic bottles if not damaged.
They're a bargain at 20.00. Most of them sell between 40-120.
The good bottles bring 200 to 400 the great bottles sell for 1000. 2000. 
 sometimes more. Again, do a quick search before you sell

Small Factice under 5 inches marked Factice or Dummy. These are more common
and harder to sell due to availability. Unless it's marked Baccarat or you know it's a scarce bottle
not really worth 20.00

                           Here's a case where a transfer plate with a chip is worth more than a
                       hand  painted set of 6. If you don't already know what Chintz is, do a quick
                       search on Ebay or Google. Royal Winton SUMMERTIME Chintz platter.
                       (you won't find may of these for twenty bucks, but sometimes you get lucky)
Hand painted on fine white porcelain 6 inch plates. Washed out color, the painting is
rudimentary and not really visually appealing. These plates should be passed on even at
eight bucks. I've had them a very long time and couldn't get rid of them for five bucks.
 I ended up donating them.

1950's to 1970's quality or designer office furniture has always had a place in the market.
 Clean lines, good design, functional durable furniture that can be resold to designers, offices and collectors. It's often found in thrift stores and yard sales as sleepers (under priced and over looked) Look for names like Knoll, Herman Miller, Chrome Craft, and others. Mid Century Modern is timeless and more people appreciate it than ever.
Note: Make sure what you're buy is old if you will be spending over the 20.00 limit we're referring to here. There are reproductions.

No explanation needed...(Unless you need fire wood)

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