Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly BUY PASS $50.00

Each week I will feature a quick list of items in a fixed price range to buy or pass on. This is strictly a general guide that I use to make a prompt decision while I'm out buying. It's not set in stone... it is something that works for me. Some of you may buy selected items that I marked as "PASS". If you have a shop to stock and don't mind holding merchandise for a long time, you could buy the "PASS" items to keep shelves full or you may have a client list that is searching for a specific pattern or piece to add to their collection. This list is for a quick turn around. To buy profitable pieces for a short term sales or a "flip".
Fifty bucks? C'mon..That's enough.
Wood Carved German Novelty Clock with moving eyes.
 These collectible clocks were produced from the 1920s - 1940's and came in a variety of choices. Dogs sitting and standing, cats, a genie and a very rare scull. (Big $$ if you find the scull) Some are wood and some are composition. The eyes rotate. One indicating the hours, the other minutes. I've seen them listed as Oswald and Black Forest. $50.00 is actually cheap for these clocks. You can pay $100 and still make money. They sell between $150-$250 for the common dogs, $300 to $400 for the unusual ones. The wood clocks seem to be more desirable. Make sure they work and are intact and free from damage. Minor chips and light wear to finish is acceptable.
Wide Eyed Dog Wooden Doddo Clock, Tezuka, Japan, 1950's

These are a 1950s quickly carved wood dog clock with a cheap time piece inserted in the gut. Cute and somewhat collectible, but not the same caliber. Not worth 50 bucks for resale. That’s about what they will bring on a good day. $40. to $50.
Cast Iron Boxer Doorstop
The dog doorstop is a common site in antique shops and malls. Most of them are Boston Terriers made by Hubley. The Boxer however, is less common and if it isn't beat to death, cracked or repainted, they are easily worth $50.00 or more. The old doorstops have a good amount of scuff and flakes to the paint around the high spots. Ears feet, etc. worth $175-$225. If it has excellent paint with a nice patina and casting, these sell between $350.-$550. Absence of wear and poor casting is a good indication it's a reproduction. Watch for them, they are easy to spot.
Cast Iron Boston Terrier Doorstop (Standing)
There are a lot of this particular doorstop on the market. (The standing variety) This one should be passed on unless it's a 9 out of a 10. Just too many. Don't confuse this with the puppy of the same breed. ($200-$400)
(Note: I'm using the common dog doorstops as examples. Hubley made a large variety of doorstops and values range from $25 up to $4000+ and even more for the very rare. The Popeye just sold for $3300. The same Hubley 9-inch cast-iron Popeye figure in impeccable condition brought 17,250 at Bertoia's Auction in 2008. If you're interested in this area of collecting, there are several good books on the subject you should own)
Terriers by Marguerite Kirmse, Etchings
Keeping with the dog theme, etchings by Marguerite Kirmse can sometimes be found very cheap because her signature can be difficult to read making it hard to research for a novice dealer. Once you've seen it though, you never forget it. Her whimsical sentimental depictions of Terriers sell between $200-$400. So $50.00 is a bargain bargain! I have found them in antique malls marked "Dog Etching" for $25. to 75. Watch for foxing (mold spots) and fading. Original frame is a bonus.
Dogs Playing Poker Print
                                            Tacky... A bad idea at any price.

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