Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Take Better Images

Let the world see it!

By now I think most of you know how important a good image is when selling online, yet there are a lot of sellers who are still uploading images that are just poor and could be easily fixed.
 Ebay is getting better but Craig's list has it's share of dark burry out of focus, no reference to scale, pile-o-stuff cell phone quality pictures that sometimes aren't even rotated. You find yourself leaning sideways to view the item.

Display your item in a uncluttered background well lit with two light sources if possible. One from each side to flush out shadows. Sometimes simply turning off the flash will eliminate the problem.
 Make sure it's in focus. For tight, close up pics use the "Macro" setting on your camera. Light it, center it, and hold it still. Most importanty, LOOK at the picture after you took it again when it download to you computer. You can't always notice a problem with the image on the camera display until it's on a bigger monitor.
I love new cameras but you don't always need a high dollar camera to produce a quality images.
The following pictures were taken with a used 12.1 megapixels Sony Cyber-Shot that can be bought used on Ebay between $30 -$60 bucks.
                                                      Cheap vinyl curtain backdrop

Bought at Goodwill $2.00 sold $386.00
Same cheap curtain, no flash

                                               Full sun, flash on to bring out detail. Crisp!

Full sun, flash off, red pops
As you can see, it's pretty simple to take acceptable pictures for your post. Cell phone cameras are improving, but a basic 8 megapixel or more entry level digital camera is usually a better option. Sony makes a great product and I'm really happy with the results it produces.

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