Saturday, October 27, 2012

Desirable Furniture for Fast Resale


When I first started in the antiques and junk business, I drove a station wagon. Not exactly the best mode of transportation for hauling junk but it worked. Most of my inventory was "smalls". Pottery, glassware, jewelry, prints and anything that would fit into plastic totes. I eventually made the transition from flea markets to the bigger antique markets in Atlanta. It was a real eye opener. Lots of furniture and decorator items. Needless to say there is only so much furniture you can pack into a Station Wagon. That didn't stop me from trying to jam as much wood in it and on it as I could.

Early on I discovered it wasn't necessary to buy large pieces to make quick profits. Small pieces of furniture, that are easy to carry, have good design and eye appeal is the key to high turn over. Below is a list of a few forms that are timeless and generally easy to sell.

French Arm Chairs.


Carved scrolling frames with cabriole legs, turned up feet and floral carved crest are great selling items. Decorators love to use them as accents in bedrooms, offices, dens and living rooms. They can be sold in singles or pairs. Neutral colored upholstery and needlepoint sell the best. As with all chairs, make sure they are not loose or poorly repaired.
Console Tables

Traditional styles Chippendale, French, Art Deco, Sheraton, or Victorian it doesn't matter. These tables are easy sells. They can be used in foyers, hallways, open walls with a painting or mirror hanging over it, behind sofas and even offices.

Demilune Consoles Stands and Cabinets


The compact size, function and decorative impact of these pieces keeps them in demand. The French and Italian inlaid tables always sold quickly for me. Check marble for repairs and proper fit. Lots of reproductions.

French and Victorian Footstools


These things are like cat nip to a cat. The lady dealers with shops (and good taste of course) loved them. I can't remember a time I had to bring one of these back from a show. They would always sell the first day. The thing to learn here is quality. There are lots of footstools out there. Some of them you can't give away. The ones you want to buy are the French carved Victorian footstools made between 1890-1920 from walnut or fruitwood. The kind with the curves and crisp carvings of flowers on the skirt and cabriole legs. If they are oval and have needlepoint or petit point, even better. Dealers and decorators eat them up.

Plant Stands

Again, another piece of small furniture that is easy to place in a room. Carved columns, Chinese rosewood stands with pierced shirts, ball and claw feet, barley twist stands or simple Regency stand with graceful tapering legs all sold well. They can be used to display vases, sculpture or plants.

Nesting Tables.

Nesting tables are great for display. They are versatile and come in lots of different styles. Good sellers. Check legs for damage. 

These were my few of my best selling items at shows and auctions. Factors in pricing are dictaded by quality, rarity, condition and age. This post is only to make you familiar with forms. Items that sell well as opposed to tying up cash in pieces that don't sell as quickly

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