Friday, September 14, 2012

The Flip - It Doesn't Take Much

                                                           The Two Dollar Flip

                                                    Turn $2.00 into $43.00

"The Flip": A quick turn around on your investment sold at shorter profit margins for fast sales. Usually 10 to 15 percent

I wanted to create a monthly flip video though I was unable to finish the month out due to unforeseen circumstances and hurricane Isaac preparation. I did manage to take my initial two dollar investment to 18 days. Not a huge number, but keep in mind, the real numbers start getting bigger at the end of the month if you continue turning it over. The point of this video is to show how little cash you need to start a side business in junking and antiques.

A simple concept that can bring in big returns if you stick with it and don't keep any of the money. Reinvest ALL of it for 30 days. Here's an example of partial completed month.
I used Ebay on these sales but it's even better when you find something to buy at a flea market you're already set up at and start there. Buy, sell, buy, sell and buy again to bring something home for Ebay. Discipline is the key. Resist the urge to keep some of the cash. Spending all of it on more items for resale pays off in the end. 2 dollars can be turned into hunderds or more in a months time if you stick with it.

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