Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Midweek Tip: Check Used Furniture Stores

                                             Check Used Furniture Stores

When you're out on your route looking for antiques and collectibles, don't limit yourself to markets, antique shops, yard sales and shows.

One of the best overlooked places to pick are used furniture stores.

These store specialize in used furniture and  price items at decorative value, not collectible value. Most of the stuff they sell is just used furniture so they have no real reason to study antiques or know the market value of these items when they happen to fall into them.

These store get calls from people who are moving, estates clear out on short notice and redecorating. Sometimes the sellers will throw in Grandma's "ugly" vase or old lamps because they don't match the new sofa they just had delivered. They also often pick up paintings rugs, and other antique items that they may not be aware of the value and use them as filler for china cabinets they are selling. I have bought some good paintings and high quality antique rugs very cheap.

Take your time and search in all the cabinets and on the floor for rugs. Worth a look.

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