Sunday, July 21, 2013

Local Resellers Groups

I have been selling items online for many years now both on Ebay and Craig's List. Each has their distinct advantages and disadvantages .

Ebay is a good place to sell hard to find and unusual items even common pieces such as sterling flatware, dishes, dolls and scrap gold. It exposes it to a larger established following and most of the time they will pay for their item thanks to the strict rules ebay has in place for members.

Craig's List is a good place to sell large hard to handle and ship items like furniture, bikes, and lawn mowers or find a date with a lonely "BBW". It's anonymous, quick, free and well, not that reliable when it comes to buyers showing up. Sometimes they do show, but a lot of times I end up waiting around for nothing. They don't call, cancel or even email to let me know they don't want it anymore.. That's part of the problem with Craig's List. I just accept it as part of the deal. I've been burned so many times by these empty promises I've made it policy to hold nothing for anyone. I don't care how bad they want it and if they "guarantee" they will be here.

"Puhleeeez hold it for me!! I want it! I'll come out this weekend"

"Nope, sorry. First come first serve"

What do you want for nothing right?

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